Employee Commitment

Employees are the most significant assets of the corporation. For ensuring that workers have a comfortable and secured working atmosphere, we are keen to creating a healthy, joyful, and optimistic working atmosphere. For our company culture, we have shaped and executed the notion of "partnership" with "accountability sharing, profit sharing and risk sharing". This will safeguard that all personnel can advance their services and features correctly at the right positions.

Underneath the "GRECO Group Human Resource Policy", staffs will not only appreciate the labor rights, human rights, and freedoms as supported by the International Labor Organization, but also knowledge care-free life safety. Consequently, unresolved talents can be involved and engaged by the corporation, while letting all of staffs to take smugness in their toil at GRECO, and also feeling proud that they labor at GRECO.

GRECO kindly takes a convinced portion of the corporation's incomes before tax, and allocates it as benefits to personnel. This is to inspire and share the significance of the processes with the personnel, thereby firming up the devotion of all the staffs and forming GRECO a positive company that all staffs are proud to effort for.

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