Specialty Chemicals

A past filled with our Specialty Chemicals ought to contain a meaning of the subject. These chemicals are delivered through a complex and interlinked business. In the restricted sense, our chemicals are compound items that are sold based on their execution or capacity, instead of their formulation. These can be one-synthetic elements or compositions whose organization pointedly impacts the execution and handling of the client's item. Services as well as products in our Specialty Chemicals demand serious information and continuous development. In any case, this is anything that few appear to have possessed the capacity to do regardless of the over 100 years of chemicals production, development and research.

Key Features:
  • Chemicals with an extended added value
  • Little sums are included to upgrade the execution of items
  • Solid development in the quantity of bio-based mass
  • Bio-based chemicals are increased in composition
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Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (LFRT)

Price: 10000 INR/Pack

Long Fiber Reinforcement Thermoplastic (LFRT) has excellent rigidity stiffness and impact resistance, which is known for its high density level and good toughness level, it possesses combined attributes of long glass fiber.


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